Kulturno umetniško društvo Baobab

The Baobab Arts and Culture Association, represented by Maša Kagao Knez and Dalanda Diallo is active in the fields of dance, music and theatre. It focuses on Western African culture and its integration into modern dance, music and theatre.

Baobab Society, based in Ljubljana, was founded in February 2009. It grew from Damir Mazrek led Drummers’ Musical Club Dunun, which was based in Maribor and ran 5 yearly festivals (first one in 2004) called “Drumming is good for you, regular drumming even more so” that took place in Maribor and all over Slovenia.

The aim of the Baobab Arts and Culture Association founded by artists from various fields is to popularise African dance in performing arts in Slovenia. Within the context of African dance and music we are seeking our own expression while staying faithful to the African heritage in which the dancer and the musician are united in a harmony of rhythm and movement.

The Baobab Arts and Culture Association organises dance and music classes at the Baobab Studio. The various dance and percussion courses and workshops offered are suitable for adults and children.

Beside the regular educational programmes, Baobab, Society for Culture and Arts, produces numerous original projects, either as a stand-alone producer or in co-production with other dance organizations and/or festivals across Slovenia.

Since 2010, Baobab Society runs a yearly international festival of African culture, called Baofest.